Family Snow Ski

Why should I get a snow transfer?

Winter is here and the snow season is looking better than ever with 7 lifts open this opening weekend at Falls Creek. So why not plan a trip to the snow, take a snow-cation. The snow is the only place where it is socially acceptable to wear thermals as outer wear, baggy jumpers and facemasks without people thinking you are suspicious.

Ok, so you have made the decision to go, booked your accommodation, now how will we get there? After spending all day at Airports with the kids, you now have a couple of hours drive to get to the mountain. Ok, lets hire a car you think and we need a car with 5-7 seats and room for luggage, that’s how much for a week?!?!. Plus we need to take out additional snow insurance, hire snow chains, maybe add a diesel additive so the fuel doesn’t freeze, pay for parking on the mountain…. ca ching ca ching $$. Oh, you have never driven in hazardous conditions before or fitted snow chains and hadn’t thought that you may have to dig your car out of the snow at the end of your stay. It’s not sounding very relaxing is it?

The alternative is to book an Easytrans snow transfer. We will do all the work whilst you sit back and relax after a day of flying now you are finally on holidays. A private snow transfer with Easytrans means experienced drivers in hazardous conditions, the heater is on and there are no luggage restrictions. We will deliver you directly to Falls Creek.  Sounds like a great idea, just get on to Easytrans and enjoy your snow holiday.